"Vintehprom" S.A. was set up in 1947. The company, which is one of the top-tier producers of wines and spirits in the industry, managed not only to preserve the traditions of wine-producing but also to incorporate the most novel achievements in the field. This unique blending resulted in the high quality of our products. The company's wine is distinguished for its exquisite, harmonious taste from different vintages, the grapes of which have ripened in the sunshine of the Thracian Valley. The contemporary plant is located in the city of Pazardjik spreading on an area of 32 744 sq. m. Situated in the lowlands of the upper Thracian region in Southern Bulgaria, "Vintehprom" S.A. benefits from the favorable natural conditions, which enhance the advancement of vine-growing. The types of soil that are characteristic for the region along with the specific climate facilitate the growth of high-quality grape varieties, such as "Cabernet Sauvignon", "Mavrud", "Merlot", as well as typical local varieties - "Pamid", "Rcazitely", "Dimiat". The company supplies with raw materials from major local private owners of vineyards and co-operative entities that have become its key partners. "Vintehprom" S.A. has at its disposal the necessary equipment and machinery for processing and fermentation of 7 000 t grapes, as well as storage of 6 million liters of wine. The well-equipped wine cellar is of French type with open tanks. The company has established solid partnerships for adaptation of typical varieties of grapes with third parties as well - more specifically, wine cellars in North Bulgaria - nearby Pleven, and South Bulgaria - the region near towns of Sandanski and Petrich. The company possesses two bottling shops. The capacity of the bottling lines is 2 500 bottles per hour and 4 500 bottles per hour, respectively. The new contemporary equipment implements the latest achievements of world science and practice. It is imported by eminent Italian producers of machines for the wine industry such as "TMCI Padovan S.p.A.", "Cavagnino & Gatti S.p.A.", "Bertolaso". Taking into account all aforementioned factors, the company offers a bouquet of quality wines. The red wines account for the majority of our products' range because of the particularity of the Southern Vine-Growing and Wine-Producing Region "Thracian Valley." Our production is world-renowned for its excellence. The company's brands are well accepted abroad, the largest markets being Germany, England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan, Belarus and many other countries. "Vintehprom" S.A.'s technologists and experts not only maintain an excellent quality of the produced and preserved wines but also develop new exotic bouquets in order to meet the requirements of the consumers. The company's outlook is encouraging, especially given the potential of the new series of products, which are made in conformity with the world tendencies in wine producing.

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